At FitSense Australia, we set ourself aside from other corporate wellness providers. Our differences include:

  • We are an accredited corporate wellness provider. Our staff are members of their professional bodies. Our exercise physiologists are members of Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) and FitSense Australia is a member of the Workplace Health Association Australia (WHAA).
  • FitSense Australia focuses on delivering affordable health check services. This means you will get a quality service that improves the health of your staff, maximising your return on investment.
  • We care - not only do we care that our programs are successful, but we also care about the health and fitness of employees we work with. This means we will go that extra mile to ensure your program is successful.
  • We make it easy for you - we manage the day to day delivery of the program to minimise the additional workload to the client organisation. This includes the use of our online booking system, promotional posters and emails, and newsletters for all program participants.
  • Great value - our focus is on delivering the best corporate wellness program for your organisation, but we will do this without blowing your budget.
  • We offer comprehensive programs - our range of services cover all aspects of your staff's health and fitness.
  • We ensure employees are satisfied - employee feedback from our programs over the last 12 months show a 99% satisfaction rating.
  • Our programs are successful - we assist the client organisation to increase productivity by making a real change to the organisation's health status.

FitSense Australia monitors the feedback from participants in all our health and wellness programs.