Staff Health Checks

FitSense specialises in the delivery of staff health checks, conducted onsite in your workplace. Our nationwide team of health professionals improve the health of your staff while assessing the health of your organisation.



FitSense is a Specialised Provider of Health and Wellness Programs in Australia

If you're looking to improve staff productivity, reduce absenteeism or increase staff retention, then you should consider a Workplace Health and Wellness Program. FitSense specialises in the delivery of workplace health assessments that offer both improved health for staff and improved financial outcomes for employers.


Benefits of a Workplace Health Assessment for Employees

Implementing a workplace health and wellbeing program will offer employees the opportunity to improve their health and fitness. A core component of corporate health management is a voluntary employee health assessment which is a one on one appointment with a tertiary qualified health professional. This offers workers the opportunity to find out their current health status and their health risk, while also understanding their overall health and how to improve it.

Workplace health assessments are the most effective means of assisting staff to make health improvements due to their personalised nature. For this reason FitSense specialises in the delivery of staff health checks in Australia and are a leading of provider for many corporate health and wellness programs.

Why choose FitSense for Your Staff Health Checks in Australia?

FitSense specialises in the delivery of corporate health assessments in Australia. This allows us to offer great value at an affordable price. Our onsite health assessment programs are also based on our high quality of support and delivery by our team of experienced health professionals.

FitSense has been delivering onsite health assessments since 2004 and our experience is highlighted in our 99% satisfaction rating over the last 2 years by participants of a FitSense corporate health and wellness program.

Advantages of a Workplace Health Assessment for Employers

Not only do corporate health and wellness programs show staff that the organisation values their health, but research has shown a positive return on investment (ROI) for the employer. Initiatives such as onsite health checks assist in reducing absenteeism, while increasing productivity and retention.

Additionally, a summary of the results of the workplace health assessments are presented in a de-identified report which allow the organisation to determine key health risk areas and future initiatives. An annual staff health assessment then allows the organisation to track the progress of staff health to determine the outcomes of the corporate health program.