FitSense Australia welcomes the opportunity to provide a quote for the delivery of your corporate health and wellness program. To obtain the quote please fill in the form below. For listed locations, you will receive an instant quote via email, while for 'other' or multiple locations, we will put together a quote and email it through to you within 24 hours. If you have any questions please contact FitSense on 1300 88 58 40 or

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Health Checks

To gain an accurate quote, please enter the minimum number of staff that will be participating in the health checks. If you are unsure, enter 50% of the total number of eligible staff.

Essentials Health Checks (10min) staff participating
Healthy Heart Health Checks (15min) staff participating
Health Audit Health Checks (30min) staff participating
LifeCheck Health Checks (45min) staff participating
LifeCheck Executive Health Checks (60min) staff participating
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