Getting Started with Employee Health Checks

FitSense is an experienced provider of corporate health in Australia, specialising in the delivery of workplace health check services. This specialisation and experience means that implementing your workplace health checks is a smooth and hassle free process.

How to Get Started with Employee Health Checks

Setting up your staff health check program is a quick and easy process. As FitSense specialise in workplace health checks, we make implementing a program hassle free.

  1. Arrange suitable dates and inform us.
  2. Book a private meeting room or office with a table and 2 chairs in which the corporate health checks can be conducted.
  3. We will provide you with promotional materials such as a letter/email for staff, posters and online material. You then simply use this material to inform staff and promote the worker health check program.
  4. Staff can then book themselves in online or call our hotline. Alternatively, hardcopy booking material is available.
  5. We will confirm details with you a few days prior to the scheduled start, and also send a reminder email to participants 2-3 days prior to the staff health check.
  6. Our health professional brings all equipment and attends on the day as planned.

What to Expect from a Worker Health Check

When implementing staff health checks it is important to be clear about what you are trying to achieve and what are realistic goals. Short term results are unlikely, however with a well planned program and a long term view, you can expect employee health checks to assist with weight loss, smoking cessation, reduced stress, increased fitness and an overall improvement in lifestyle habits such as nutrition and physical activity. However, it is unlikely that 100% of staff will participate in a staff health check (we work on an estimated 50-70%) or that all staff will experience improvements following their worker health check. We have seen the greatest benefits in organisations who implement an annual staff health check program coupled with health coaching and education throughout the year.

Why Worker Health Checks are the Right Decision

The Workplace Health Association Australia (WHAA) best practice guidelines identify that workplace health programs can expect a 25% decrease in sick leave absenteeism, a 41% decrease in workers compensation costs, a 24% decrease in disability management costs, and an estimated saving of $5.81 saving for every $1 invested in employee wellbeing. Employee health checks are a crucial component of both assisting with these health improvements and also measuring the outcomes. A recent worker health check program run by FitSense measured annual absenteeism costs to be $650 higher for staff of moderate or poor health, compared to their healthy colleagues. The employee health checks also allowed for an estimated $250 saving annually per employee as a result of increased productivity. This illustrates the financial and analytical benefits of implementing employee health checks and more broadly, workplace health programs.